Our Sacredness

Thank you for your letter. It is most wonderful to know that you are well. I am, as usual, flying in the skies.
How quickly things move on. More than a year has passed.
When the festival approaches! When the chilly wind blows, I always think of the long-distance relay road race.
As the chilly wind grew colder by the day, training became harder.
Yamada is a most nostalgic place. There is not a single tree or plant that is not dear to me.
Miyagawa, Miyuki-michi, lodging at Tsukayama, memories of the Yama-ryo, our period in Furuichi, dear friends.
While thinking of my friends, I brace up my mind that is prone to slacken. My mind that flies in the skies has already gotten over the corpses of several people.
Our daily training is a matter of life and death. And for the very reason that it is, the bonds between our fellow soldiers is stronger than that of brothers. We have left the childhood castle of our student days and have already moved to adulthood.
We forget everything about our lives when we board our planes. Here is the sacredness that distinguishes us from others.
In today°«s rain the airfield°«s end seems hazy. The faraway stone archway to the shrine stands quietly.
The banner that was flying until yesterday has been removed. The fall festival is also over.

Fall Festival, Banner Fluttering, Open Skies

The fall skies! How vast my mind. Try and take a deep breath while looking toward the skies.
Body and mind are refreshed. A grandeur like that of the skies bubbles up in my mind.
When rapidly ascending, faint clouds push up right before me.
Move the throttle right, and the plane draws a large circle in the skies and returns to its original position.
Isn°«t this a wonderful life?

This Unworthy Guardian of the Throne

°°°°°°I deeply admire the shrine structure while thinking about if there will be a day for my enshrinement.

°°°°°°This body of five feet will devote every bit and all of its strength. This unworthy guardian of the throne.

Tetsuro Yano Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on December 7, 1944, in the Direction of the Philippines
Born in Tsukura-mura, Ochi-gun, Ehime Prefecture
Age: 25