Message Left Behind

While I have no message to leave behind on this occasion, I am writing to leave my name in this world.
If word of my death in action should come to you, I have sacrificed myself bravely for the national crisis and happily became a footstone for the nation, so you must never cry.
Looking back on my life, it has been twenty years since I was born in this world. I was nothing but trouble for you and I did not a single deed of filial piety for you, and now I have nothing but regret.
Nevertheless, loyalty and filial piety are one and so on, and loyalty to the Emperor is my parents°« happiness.
While the war situation for our army is increasingly unfavorable, as citizens of Japan the officers and men must devote themselves fully regardless of the circumstances, and carry on with their duties.
When looking about me under the trees at night lit by the bluish white moonlight, my thoughts travel to the skies of my hometown.
Even after I have died, I ask that you will behave honorably as the bereaved family of a soldier of the Imperial Army, and advance to destroy our bitter enemies, America and England, until we are victorious.
Although these are simple words, they are my final message for you.
1400 June 21, 1945
While listening to the sound of rain in Ku-Shan (about sixty kilometers south of Jinan).
Kozo Yoshino°°°°°°

Kozo Yoshino Mikoto
Private First Class, Japanese Army
Death From Illness Contracted at the Front on January 30, 1946, in Camp 12, Semenovka, Siberia
Born in Hisumi, Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata Prefecture°°
Age: 21