I Will Die With a Smile on My Face as a Blossom That Protects the Nation

Mother, thank you for looking after me for so long.
For these twenty-one years I brought you not a single happiness or peace of mind, but only worry. I am very sorry about this, but
being born as a son of Japan, I stand at the front line of national defense and bloom as a man. I will die for the sake of the eternal
peace of East Asia. This is the long-cherished desire of a son of Japan.
Thinking about the fact that from the time of my enlistment Mother was already resigned about my fate, I also have not a single
regret and I will die with a smile on my face as a blossom that protects the nation.
Moreover, if my remains should return, I only ask that you say that I had died well for the nation. And I would be even happier if
you praised me for my performance in battle.
Just a small marker for my gravestone is fine. Therefore, please donate the rest of the money to the national defense fund….
Shigeru-kun, be in good health. Become a fine sailor of the Imperial Navy. I pray for your success at sea.
I pray from my grave that Takae works diligently, marries well and leads a happy life.
While I caused Older Brother and others much worry, Haru has somehow managed to become a full-fledged son of Japan.
There is no greater joy for me.
I ask that you will look after Mother….                        Harutsugu
To: Mother and my Siblings

Harutsugu Takayama Mikoto
Private First Class, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on March 7, 1942, in Pegu, Burma
Born in Shikai-mura, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Age: 24