I Am Waiting for You at the Shrine in Kudan

To: Toshiko ”” From: Father

Although you are young and might not yet know about the world, your father happily dies for His Majesty the Emperor as a sailor. There is no greater joy for me.
Your father was always busy and could not treat you with affection. Please forgive me.
Even if Father is no longer in this world, please listen carefully to the teachings of Mother, who is the best, and to Grandfather and Grandmother, and become a fine person.
And when you grow up, please be very devoted to Mother.
I ask that you will become a person who will do honor to your father”Ēs name. This is my request to you.
I also ask that you come to Yasukuni Shrine with Mother to see me.
I am waiting for you at the Shrine in Kudan.
Perhaps I will give you the gift, which I had promised, when we meet.
You have a good mother.
Please do not be sad, but become a fine person of Japan.
Father is always watching over you.
I pray for your happiness. Take care of yourself.

Isamu Kawagoe Mikoto
Ensign, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on April 14, 1945, off the coast of Korea
Born in Honjo-cho, Higashimorokata-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture
Age: 36