My Last Words

I was born in our nation and I take a pen in hand for the final time.
For more than ten years I have served in the army in Manchuria, moved to the battlefields of China, and again to the south and
fought bravely. I now leave this world before my deeply loving parents, and my siblings and my wife and child to whom I am
related by blood, and I die calmly and become a cornerstone for the nation.
When I think about it, I had never followed the wishes of my deeply loving parents and was a most undutiful person.
When I recall my hometown, I think about my early years in the flourishing Kita family, and I have dear memories of my childhood
days in our home and its gate. I am simply overwhelmed with deep emotion, and I pledge that my death will never bring shame to
all the people.
Heaven and God certainly know that someone will surely arrive at and consider the details.
My disposition when alive is surely known. Please believe in me. I am most worried about the rumors that travel in the world,
and they are my regret.
I am also concerned about the safety of my siblings, who are related to me by blood.

How is older brother, Yoshiharu, who was involved in the desperate battles of Okinawa and Kyushu?
How is older brother, Toshiji, in Hiroshima that experienced the atomic bomb?
How is younger brother, Kazuo, who fought bravely with determination in Burma?
How is younger brother, Tsutomu, the wild eagle that protected the skies above the nation?

I imagine that each of them has transcended birth and death and returned to their parents’ home. I only pray to God for this….
I believe that my death day will be May 23, 1946. The allied forces ought to be sending you an officer’s wool-cloth army divided
skirt (privately made) as my articles left behind. That divided skirt is regular wear for petty officials.
Finally, I pray for the vicissitudes and the health and happiness of the Kita family. I will protect you.

Written at 3 o’clock on May 23, 1946.     Tomio Kita, Army Warrant Officer

To: Sataro Kita Kito Kita All family members

Tomio Kita Mikoto 
Warrant Officer, Japanese Army
Judicial Death on May 23, 1946, at Changi, Singapore
Born in Oaza Sainomoto, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Age: 30