My Last Message

Long live the Emperor!
I offer my prayers for the eternal growth of the Empire.
I pray for the growth of the Akeno Combat Unit and the Imperial Army Combat Unit and the health of each unit.
I pray for the health and growth of my classmates and I offer my gratitude for their long friendship.

To my parents,
Abiding by your daily lessons, Shiro happily gives his life for the Empire. Please rest assured.
Although I was not able to directly perform deeds of filial piety for you when alive in this world, I trust you will be pleased by the
fact that I will die for the way of the greater filial piety.
It is my greatest joy that this unworthy person of mine is able to be of service to His Majesty and the country.
With my resolve to serve the country for seven lives, in my next life, I will surely come to call on you.
I pray for your health.

Shiro Abe Mikoto
First Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on June 5, 1945, offshore Kumanonada, Kiinagashima-cho, Mie Prefecture
Born in Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
Age: 21