My Last Words

I thank you deeply for all that you have done for me for so long.
I will never forget it.
I believe that you were already prepared for this day.
Should I have died in action, be happy that I have died for the sake of the country.
I die with a smile as a stone that was thrown to build the Greater East Asia.
When I think about you, Atsushi and the child to be born, it is my only regret that as a husband and parent, I could not carry out my responsibility and make you happy. In addition to feeling sorry for you, I feel bad about these circumstances. Nevertheless, I ask that you do not cry but be glad because it is for the sake of the country.
Even if I may vanish with the dew on the battlefield, I become a soul that protects the land of our ancestors, and Kazue, Atsushi and the child to be born.
Kazue, I believe in you completely. As I have always told you, please proceed on the proper path and conduct yourself in a manner that does not dishonor heaven and earth.
I pray from my grave that you will successfully educate and raise Atsushi and the child to be born, and that they carry on our family name.
If you wish to meet me, come to the shrine of Yasukuni. I wait for you there.

To: Kazue
May 2, 1944

Takeo Miura Mikoto
Sergeant Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on July 18, 1944, in Saipan, Marianas Islands
Born in Toyoake-mura, Aichi-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Age: 31