Last Words

I now leave behind my last words as I proceed to the decisive battle for the Great Empire of Japan.
I have no regrets as I leave for the battlefield. I am glad that I am now of service to His Majesty and a shield for the people of Japan. I ask that my family not be saddened, but congratulate me.
From my grave I will rejoice in the fact that I have died an honorable death in action that is noteworthy for our family.
I regret the fact that I could not repay my debt of gratitude to my parents for twenty-six years, which is deeper than the seas.
I hope that my remaining siblings will perform their older brother°«s portion of filial devotion.
Setsuko, Older Brother°«s grave is a great and fine one within the enemy°«s principle warship.
In time you will probably travel over this ocean in a ship. I will be happily looking upward at you.
Perform your filial duties to Mother, abide by Father°«s words, and guide Younger Brother and Younger Sister°ń.
January 10, 1943

Takeo Shoji Mikoto
Chief Petty Officer, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on November 21, 1944,
in the seas east of the Philippines
Born in Uchigo-machi, Iwaki-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
Age: 27