Last Message

To die as an Imperial citizen under the Imperial standard is the supreme glory as a subject. And I rejoice about becoming a soul through my death that protects the Imperial Palace and lives eternally with the Japanese Empire.

In the face of death I regret that my service until now have been insufficient. Within the walls, on the contrary, I am troubled about the excessive quest for fame by our lot. I hope that we will rejoice in the glory of being true citizens of the Empire regardless of our age, sex or status, realize our respective missions, do our very best, be truly devoted to His Majesty and reflect on ourselves.

I do not want the articles that I leave behind to bring sadness to you. I live in the Empire and I die a heroic death upon the verdant land. I do not expect that my remains return home, and no matter where they are scattered, that place will transform into a Pure Land for the building of universal brotherhood.

I ask that with today’s grand farewell, you will forgive me for the sin of failing to repay my debt of gratitude to my parents that I have greatly worried about.


Saburo Morimoto Mikoto
Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on September 3, 1943,
in Wewak, New Guinea
Born in Bessho-mura, Innami-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
Age: 26