Last Wishes

To be summoned by His Majesty and to die with my corpse exposed on the battlefield is from the first the long-cherished desire of a soldier.

To live the great cause of loyalty like the clear skies.

When a loyal warrior is a pure-minded filial son, he manifests the teachings of his ancestors.

The mission of the wife, who is left behind, is to discharge her filial duties and the children”Ēs education.

Akio should succeed the family, Shigeo and Yasuo should leap bravely into the continent.

Have Hisako marry well.

When I think about it, compared to the great many kindnesses that I have received, I cannot return my debt of gratitude.

Please give my regards to everyone.

August 1941 Susumu

To: My Wife

Susumu Komatsu Mikoto
Captain, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on October 16, 1943, in New Guinea
Born in Suwa-shi, Nagano Prefecture
Age: 35