My Last Message

I have caused you much trouble and I am very sorry for that.

Having become a fighting man of the navy, I am resolved to fight with heart and soul.

A soldier must give up his life at any time. I am already resolved to do this.

Your difficulties of no common order touch my heart deeply and I am most grateful.

Please forgive me for the sorrow that I have caused you until now.

I will make amends by °»dying for my country.°…

I offer my deepest gratitude to you.

With kind regards.
May 30, 1936

To: Mother Kiyoma Himeno

Kiyoma Himeno Mikoto
Machinist Petty Officer 1st Class, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on July 5, 1942, near Agattu Island, Aleutian Islands
Born in Fukuyoshi-mura, Itoshima-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 26