Last Writing

Are you daily going to school in good spirits? At school listen well to what the teacher says, study hard and play in good spirits.
After returning home, be sure to carefully study what the teacher said that day.
Be sure to follow what Grandmother and Mother tell you. Even if Father is not there, if you study hard, you will be able to go to middle school and please become a fine person of Japan.
Father parted from you at Yokkaichi station and became a fine soldier.
I will shortly go to the battlefield and strike down the American and British soldiers.
Let us compete with each other. Father will perform a great deed on the battlefield and receive the Order of the Golden Kite and Atsushi will study hard, receive a prize from the teacher and become the class president. Take care of your health and study hard.
From: Father
To: Atsushi-kun

Mitsuo Yamashita Mikoto
Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on April 6, 1944, in the Solomon Islands
Born in Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture
Age: 37