Last Words

(Earlier Portion Omitted)

Since this body of mine is already offered to His Majesty, I have nothing to regret. Yet I deeply regret that today, when the war is over, my meritorious deed for the country has become a scar and I will vanish with the dew of the execution ground. I am only concerned about the restoration of the Japanese Empire, and grandfather and my siblings, who remain in my hometown. From now, Older Brother’s future has many divergences and difficulties, but I hope that grandfather and our siblings will help one another, and you and your wife will live in harmony. At this time in my life, I have nothing to look back at with regret.  

(Portion Omitted)

Well then, Older Brother and Young Brother, thank you very much for your kindness for the many years of my life. I set out peacefully, a step before you, on the journey to the eternal garden.Please be in good spirits and take care of yourselves.
                                February 17, 1948 Takesaburo Soma

Long life to the Great Japanese Empire!
Long life to His Majesty the Emperor!
Long life to Great Asia!

Farewell Poem
Although our country was defeated and I am imprisoned,
I will never dishonor the gods of heaven and earth.

Takesaburo Soma Mikoto
Sergeant, Military Police, Japanese Army
Judicial Death on April 8, 1948, in Menado, Celebes Island
Born in Ajigasawa-machi, Nishitsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture 
Age: 29