My Last Message

(Earlier portion omitted)
I am now standing by at a base that is not far from the battle where the American and English enemy fleet is writhing in pain in their final moments. I am waiting for today’s or tomorrow’s success on the first try fierce attack.

I have nothing that I yearn for at this moment. It is simply that I have been given life and lived for more than twenty years in the divine land of Japan, which certainly has never been shaken in its three thousand year history, and showered by the immeasurable blessings, I was raised through my parents’ kindness, and through the guidance of teachers that was higher than mountains and deeper than the seas, as an Imperial subject of the leading power of Greater East Asia, I have been able to live safely until this day. Moreover, as one of His Majesty’s subjects, as a member of the Kamikaze Special Attack Corps, while firmly believing in the indestructibility of the divine land of Japan, I live the eternal great cause. And even if my body may become the seaweed of the Pacific Ocean together with an enemy, American warship, there is no greater long-cherished wish for a son of Japan.(Portion omitted)
At this great transitional period that will determine the rise or fall of the Japanese Empire, I am most happy that I will perish as shield for His Majesty. What I wish to say, as I face my end, is that I pray to the Gods for the safety of the Imperial Family and the healthy growth of the Greater East Asia.
Moreover, of course to my late mother, but to Father and all my relatives, I ask for forgiveness for causing you only worry for so long, and doing nothing for you in return, and even failing to do something that has a semblance of filial piety. Well then, I pray for your everlasting happiness.                     
                                            May 6, 1945
                                        Fumitada Okiyama
To: Tokusaburo Okiyama

Fumitada Okiyama Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on May 15, 1945, in the Direction of the Nansei Islands
Born in Okago-mura, Hachijojima, Tokyo Metropolis  
Age: 25