Farewell Message

Father, Mother,

I respectfully write my farewell message to you.
I sincerely thank you for raising and educating me for the lengthy people of more than twenty years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I first ask that you will forgive me for not having done a single act of filial piety for you.
I am happy that I could also take part in this historic Greater East Asia War and serve the country as soldier of the Imperial Army. From a young age I aspired to be a soldier. It was my long-cherished desire that my wish would be realized and I would offer my life for the country. (Portion Omitted)

As the father and mother of a soldier, my meritorious deed for the country is indeed the greatest honor and there is no higher glory. Please by no means cry for me. Please look toward the skies of the South Seas and praise Masanori by saying that he did superbly, and that he took off in his aircraft with courageous excitement and scattered as a blossom in the battle in the skies. And as long as your voice will allow please give three banzai cheers for me. (Portion Omitted)

I await the day when I will meet you again, when aged Father and Mother and my siblings have gathered beneath the blossoms of Yasukuni at spring, when the young leaves of the sakura appear.
I am naturally indebted to all our relatives. I ask that they will forgive me for not having done anything for them.
Masanori’s soul will be in the household Buddhist altar in our hometown. I will watch over generations of prosperity for the Kitano family and live eternally.
                                             Masanori Kitano

Masanori Kitano Mikoto
Warrant Officer, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on November 5, 1943, at an Airfield in New Guinea 
Born in Akasaki-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture
Age: 24