For the Sake of His Majesty the Emperor

For the sake of His Majesty the Emperor, I am about to take up my calling in the eternal great cause in the skies of the decisive battle to destroy the Americans and British. There is no greater long-cherished desire for a man.
Tetsuji is fortunate to receive this precious place to die through the many years of your lessons. I thank you for allowing me to receive the means for a good education even in the midst of serious poverty.
You must never sorrow even when receiving word that Tetsuji has been killed in action. I pray that you completely recover from your illness as soon as possible and live in good health with Mother for many years to come.
Please make Shosuke a fine man. I ask that you use my savings and other valuables for the education expenses of Younger Brother, Younger Sister and others.
I sincerely ask that Older Brother work for the renewed prosperity of the Kizaki family. I hope that Younger Brother and Younger sister will get along well, look after their health, study hard, become fine people and never neglect their filial duties.
Oh, see the dawning of the establishment of the eternal peace of Greater East Asia! How delightful!

To: Father, Mother
Older Brother, Younger Brother and Younger Sister

Tetsuji Kizaki Mikoto
Sergeant Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on January 3, 1945, on Mindoro Island, Philippines
Born in Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama Prefecture
Age: 23