For the Sake of the Emperor

Order Brother, please rejoice.
I have now been selected as Special Attack Corps member and I will finally set out on my mission tomorrow.
The time for me to do my part for the sake of the Emperor has come. There is no greater long-cherished desire for a man. I am determined to crash into my target with a smile on my face. Flying over the raging seas, the bull°«s-eye group will attack the enemy position. There is nothing more delightful than this. I believe that Older Brother will also be very happy to know this. We are the death-defying shock troops that will not return alive. You helped me greatly when I was in Izumi. I am deeply grateful to you. I will never forget your kindness even after death. Please also extend my best regards to Older Sister.
There is the song, °»Having been born a man, when going to the skies, I will have no regrets becoming a corpse that dyes the clouds.°… It is our greatest dream that we die in honor in the farthest corners of the skies.
The sakura blossom is loved by the people of this world because we cherish its falling petals. For people too there is worth in having their passing cherished by others. A respectful end is impossible if one tries to escape one°«s place of death. Although I may die, I ask that you do not grieve but praise me for having done well for dying in service of the Emperor.
From beneath the sod, I pray for the health of Older Brother, Older Sister, Kenchan and Keichan. Goodbye.

The blossom, seated on the sakura-tree war plane, does not hesitate to give its life.
For the sake of the Emperor, the flower bud has no regrets about dying at twenty.
Knowing that I will not return alive,
I scatter in the skies without waiting for my blooming in spring.

Takao Motokariya Mikoto
Ensign, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on March 18, 1945, Over the Seas East of Kyushu
Born in Kirishima-mura, Aira-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Age: 20