Final Words

This young body of mine obeys the Imperial Army. From the start I have resolved to die.

The Kuroshio Current is eternal and inexhaustible, and its waves dash on the shores of my birthplace.

I also seek eternal and inexhaustible life and set out on the seas.

The great cause of dying for His Majesty is my sign that shines clear and bright for the Divine Imperial Land.

First, I completely forget everything about my hometown and solely seek to serve His Majesty.

Second, what name shall I leave behind in my hometown, for this body that scatters and blooms as a flower of Kudan?

Third, even if my body decays in the southern seas, I will certainly remain as a special leading soul.

Tetsuya Tsunemi Mikoto
Sergeant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action of May 30, 1945, in Luzon Island, Philippines
Born in Hiranoya, Maizuru-shi, Kyoto Prefecture
Age: 18