Last Words

This humble Yoshihiko has been born in this world, honored with the blessings of the Emperor, and raised through the love and kindness of my parents until today.
In addition to being deeply grateful for all that I have received, I will do everything possible to repay my obligations.

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At this time of my death, Yoshihiko becomes, from his original resolve, and with a smile on his face, a protecting deity of the nation.
Although I engage in battle, I do not hate the enemy soldiers. Since even the enemies, in all likelihood, love their country, they have left behind their parents, wife and child in their hometown. They are allowed to die for mistakenly becoming the henchmen of politicians. Yoshihiko becomes a cornerstone for the Japanese Empire to realize the grand ideal of the whole world under one roof. Oh, there is no greater longer-cherished desire for a man.

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After my death, I ask that you do not specially hold memorial services and the like for me, but if you will worship at Yasukuni Shrine, Yoshihiko will become the spring and the cherry blossoms that bloom in the grounds and happily welcome you. Together with the deities of Yasukuni, Yoshihiko eternally protects the Japanese Empire. Father, Mother, from the bottom of my heart there are no words that fully apologize for having been undutiful to you on many occasions during my lifetime.                      October 1, 1941
Yoshihiko Kobayashi

Yoshihiko Kobayashi Mikoto
Captain, Japanese Army
Killed in Action in the Gulf of Thailand on November 29, 1941
Born in Nishi-mura, Mukai-shima, Mitsugi-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture
Age: 23