My Final Words

I will die for the sake of His Majesty the Emperor.

It is an honorable act for a soldier and the long-cherished desire of a man.

Our advance corps engineers are the fragrance of a blossom on a young tree.

There is only deep emotion and gratitude in my heart when I think of the duties and greatness of our work at the frontline of national defense.

Even the act of preceding one”Ēs parents in death, becomes an act of filial piety when there is loyalty to the Emperor.

I hope that you will rejoice over my death in action.

After I gone, I hope that my younger brother and sister will help one another, and do my share of filial piety.

At the verge of my end, I sincerely pray for the health of Father and Mother.

Army Advance Corps Engineers Yoshio

Yoshio Nishida Mikoto
Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on February 2, 1945,
in Luzon Island, Philippines
Born in Maidashi, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 25