I Finally Leave for the Front

Father, Mother, Kiyohiro finally leaves for the front.
Kiyohiro now truly has no regrets and I will go forward on my military expedition in high spirits that will not be outdone by my comrades in arms. I will die and not return again. Kiyohiro is resolved to gladly become a small building foundation stone in the south. I entrust all matters for Hiroe and Suzuko to Father. I ask that you will look after them.
I hope that you will never worry about Kiyohiro. I will not be outdone by others in anything. At the first battle camp I will even share with you the news of my achievements.
I entrust the affairs to Father during my absence and I go to the front in high spirits. I ask that you do not worry about me.
By all means do not worry since Kiyohiro is not someone who would be troubled even for a moment about his personal affairs and neglect his important public duties.
Please forgive me for being undutiful in preceding you in death. Moreover, after I have died, please dispose of my affairs on the accompanying sheet as though it is my will.
Please believe that for Kiyohiro, Suzuko was indeed the only true woman in the wide world. Forgive me for this hasty writing.
Night of November 19, 1943
Respectfully yours,

Kiyohiro To: Father and Mother

Kiyohiro Furukawa Mikoto
Lance Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action of May 20, 1945, in Tarawa, Gilbert Islands
Born in Matsuzaki-son, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture
Age: 24