I Will Eternally Protect His Majesty°«s Nation

The saying that all living things must die and those who meet must part is always in my heart.

I cast myself into military service, as a naval aviator, to eternally protect the land of my ancestors, and to repay the sacred debt of gratitude for having being born as a man of Japan, in the Empire of the rising sun. For someone who sought to be an air ace at the young age of ten, from the start, I have intended to die in service.

Nevertheless, my long-cherished desire is to scatter in the deep blue sky of the Pacific while congratulating the long reign of the Emperor.

What I daily pray for to the gods and Buddha is solely: °»Allow me to be a fine man who has worked well for the Empire of Japan.°… (portion omitted)

After scattering in the sky, I remain as a white cloud
And eternally protect His Majesty°«s nation.
Written on New Year°«s Day, 1942,

Hajime Tsuji Mikoto
Aviation Petty Officer First Class, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on July 24, 1943, in the Seas East of Honshu
Born in Tomioka-machi, Naka-gun, Tokushima Prefecture
Age: 21