I Have Resolved to Die Honorably as a Young Sakura Blossom of Yasukuni

Grandmother, Father, Mother, Teru-nesan, Hiroko-nesan, Yasuko, Kuniko

Thank you for your kindness over the many years. I will now set out for XX, my post.
From the first, I do not expect to return alive.
Having been born as a man, I am resolved to die honorably as a young sakura blossom of Yasukuni.
I was also told by our squad leader that human life is a mere twenty-five years.
Our duty is the volunteer suicide attack corps. We will jump into the enemy pillbox while carrying a bomb. I ask that you strengthen the home front in good spirits.
I can never forget Mother”Ēs and Hiro-chan”Ēs voices from the other day even after death.
Thank very much for the many gifts that you have since sent to me. (portion omitted)

Well then, I end by praying for your good health.
Goodbye, From Kouichi

20:30, October 29, 1944
Hastily written in the corner of the 5th Squad room, Tasaki Corps, Chubu 24th Unit.

Kouichi Harayama Mikoto
Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on February 28, 1954, in the Tayshet 86th
K Internment Camp in the Tayshet District, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
Born in Kuroe Kainan-shi, Wakayama Prefecture
Age: 30