The Order to Move Has Been Issued

Emiko, Junko, Older Brother will go to the battlefield of a land of everlasting summer.
This is my last letter from the mainland.
For Older Brother, there is no greater joy as a man than this.
Our meeting on January 3rd might have been our last. I do not believe that I will return alive.
I will simply trust in the precious power of the people in the home front, which overflows in my thousand-stich belt, and the power of my amulet and work in high spirits.

I had done nothing until now and was undutiful.
Older Brother now goes to die.
Long live the Great Japanese Empire and His Majesty the Emperor.
While I am away, in place of Older Brother, please be dutiful to our parents together with older brother, Mitsuru.
And please get along well with your older brother and younger sister.
Well then, goodbye. I pray for your health and happiness.

From: Takashi

Takashi Yamaguchi Mikoto
Lance Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on February 26, 1945, in Kazun, Burma
Born in Miwa-mura, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture
Age: 25