To: Older Sister

There is no way of knowing when the fatalistic curtains of war, from immediately after the Russo-Japanese war, will be cut off.

We are at XX and when the order is given we will instantly attack, and we are prepared in matter, mind and skill to fight for the sake of the country and the advancement of the Japanese people.
Even if the battle goes smoothly, until the last enemy is destroyed, we will not slacken, and no matter what hard fight we encounter, we anticipate the victory of the Japanese navy, and as long as we have life, we will always demonstrate our abilities, and advance in battle.
Please rejoice for your younger brother who will be able to die with a smile. (This might be life. It not worth arguing about life in death. Life and death return to one.)

Goodbye. Please take care of yourself.
To: Older Sister

Teruchika Hattori Mikoto
Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on December 17, 1941,
off cape Baram, Borneo Island
Born in Meiji-mura, Nakashima-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Age: 29