Thank You for the Bean-Throwing Picture

Saeko, thank you for your letter and the bean-throwing picture. It was a very good picture. It really told me that everyone was doing very well. Father is happy that you sent them to him.
Tateyama still seems to be very cold, but no one has come down with a cold. Everyone is healthy and good.
Father is also in good health and working hard.
You don°«t have to send Setsubun beans to Father. I had Setsubun beans on the ship. On the warship we have both Setsubun beans and New Year°«s mochi.
Father is really happy because you are all good children.
Please continue to study hard so you will do well in your lessons.
If you listen to what Mother tells you, I think that she will be taking you to the country during the winter break. Study hard so that she will take you there.
Since it is becoming cold, take care of yourself so that you won°«t catch a cold.
Father is full of energy and working hard.

From: Father
To: Saeko

Takeo Takahashi Mikoto
Lieutenant, Japanese Navy
Killed in Action on May 8, 1945, on Luzon Island, Philippines
Born in Jindai-mura, Katori-gun, Chiba Prefecture
Age: 44