My Last Words

I offer this body of mine for the sake of the Japanese Empire. Since long ago there is no greater long-cherished desire for me than to be called to duty and to have a place to die on the battlefield.

To: Mother,
I now go to the shrine of Yasukuni. In addition to praying for your health, I very much wish to thank you for your kindness while I was alive.

To: Midoriko, Katsunori, Junko,
Father goes to the war for the sake of the Japanese Empire. Follow the lessons of Mother and Grandmother, become strong and fine people of Japan, and work for the sake of the country. Father is always watching you grow.

To: Haruko,
I ask that you serve Mother and raise the children in a relaxed manner as I would have done.

(One portion omitted)

Later, if you should have difficulties, consult with Katsuma for all matters.
     August 13, 1943                            Written by Katsundo

Katsundo Tokura Mikoto
Second Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Death from Illness Contracted at the Front
on October 23, 1949, in Khabarovsk, Soviet Union
Born in Toyoura, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Age: 45