Goodbye My Dear Shigeko

Since we will be setting out to the front tomorrow, I write to you this message. Father sets out tomorrow to deal with an unprecedented problem for the Japanese Empire. From the start, I am always resolved to my fate, which is the long cherished hope of a””man. (Portion Omitted)

Shigeko, you must never grieve even if father is no longer here. Do not be envious of others. Father is surely by your side. I am always protecting you. If you are sad, call Father”Ēs name. I will certainly answer your heart. If you wish to meet Father, come to the front of Yasukuni Jinja. Father is surely alive. You must never feel sad.

Strongly, properly, purely, and, what is more, a woman must live with kindness. Father is watching over your growth from afar. You must never worry. (Portion Omitted)

Even if poor, live cheerfully and happily. Serve Mother well, and perform filial duties to Grandmother on Father”Ēs behalf. (Portion Omitted)

As I say my goodbye, there is much that I wish to convey to you, but the main point is that you live a successful life. You must never grieve because Father is not with you. Goodbye my dear Shigeko. I pray for your health and happiness.

July 16, 1944
Father: Yoshio
To: Shigeko

Yoshio Saito Mikoto ””””
Second Lieutenant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on May 2, 1945, in Hunan Province, Republic of China
Born in Kase-mura, Kitatsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture
Age: 36