Last Message

I take on my duty through the Imperial command.
I do not expect to return alive.
I have nothing to look back on with regret, and I simply say a sincere thank you for the kindness that I had received for so very long, which is more than I deserve.
Looking back, I am truly filled with deep emotion.
After I have died, I ask that Buddhist services for our parents are held without delays.
This is my wish.
Older Brother and Older Sister, from a faraway place, I pray for your health and great happiness until the very last.
Well then, goodbye.
To: Older Brother and Older Sister
and everyone at Maruyama

Kiyoshi Sugiyama Mikoto              
Corporal, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on July 18, 1944, in Saipan Island
Born in Nishikusabuka-cho, Shizuoka-shi,
Shizuoka Prefecture
Age: 24