My Reply to Mother Who Hid Her Tears

While being too difficult, this war has continued from the past.
Her child courageously accepts this difficulty for the sake of His Majesty the Emperor, and sets out for the front.
I set out thinking that Mother has become the Mother of Japan.
Please live strongly.
I will make and leave for you a place to sit at leisure.

         Written on the day that the undutiful one, Takeo Ando,
          who precedes you in death, sets out for the front.

   My reply to Mother, who hid her tears
     while knowing that her child sets out for the front and will not return.

To: Mother

Takeo Ando Mikoto            
Junior technical official, Japanese Army
Death from Disease Contracted at the Front on July 7, 1945,  
in Cabayan District, Luzon Island, Philippines
Born in Inabu-cho, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture
Age: 40