To Father and Mother

Father and Mother,

Please forgive Kanku for causing you only worries and troubles, until now, for the long period of more than twenty years. I also do not know the words to say to you that can express my thanks. My feelings are too great and I do not know what to say. Please forgive Kanku, who will soon leave, for his lack of filial piety. Nevertheless, there is no greater happiness for me than to return even one ten-thousandths of the kindness, which I have received until now. Moreover, it is the long-cherished desire of a man and an honor to go to this decisive battle, which is indeed also the performance of my filial duties. I will also be doing my service to our country.
Kanku happily goes to meet his end. With the spirit of serving one’s country for seven lives, I will become the cornerstone for Greater East Asia. I have only tears of emotion for the benevolence of His Majesty, who holds rites for me as the deity in the shrine compound of Yasukuni.
Is there any greater glory and honor for a subject? This is not only an honor for myself alone, but an honor for our family. Please rejoice in this fact.
Thank you for having looked after me for so long.
Well then, Father and Mother, I pray that you will look after yourselves in your old age.
Younger sister, please be well.
                              So, goodbye, Kanku
To: Father, Mother and Younger Sister

Kanku Nishijima Mikoto
Sergeant, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on October 20, 1944, near Kalewa, Mawlaik District,Kingdom of Burma
Born in Miyashi-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga Prefecture
Age: 24