Last Words

Through the Imperial mandate, we set out on our military expedition in high spirits. There is no greater long-cherished desire for a man. There is nothing that hangs over my mind. Live happily by treasuring your only parent and only child. Please extend my best to our immediate relatives.

    The sky is clear, there is not a cloud over my mind.
 To: Harue Sasa

You are young and everything is probably unclear.
The time will come when you will understand.
Carefully follow what Mother teaches you and become a fine person.
That is all what Father prays for.

    Being a loyal subject and dutiful child are one and the same.

 June 15, 1944
 To: Sachiyo

Eizo Sasa Mikoto                
Sergeant Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on November 28, 1944, in Shaho Encampment,Unnan Province, Republic of China
Born in Ryujin-mura, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Age: 33