A Memorable Day

¡¡I have not written to you in a while. I believe that beginning with Father and Mother, everyone is in good spirits, but the cold must be very harsh. Has Toshiyuki also become able to put up with the cold and grown bigger? Where I am is hot as usual. It is especially muggy and we are soaking with perspiration throughout the day. It seems that our entire day is laundry and baths. In spite of that we are all well and devoting ourselves to our tasks, so please do not worry.

¡¡Since the pictures, which were taken here on New Year¡Çs Day, are ready, I will be sending them by mail today. It will probably arrive much later than this postcard. One picture is centered on Captain Morikawa, our commander, with the Rising Sun flag standing in the middle against a background of a New Year¡Çs pine-and-bamboo decoration that uses coconut leaves instead of pine. Another picture is a shot of us pounding rice-cake while wearing very little clothes. Unfortunately, the picture did not include the mortar, which was below and cut off. The mango tree, which is seen in the background, is at its peak and has a pleasant scent. Around next month the fruit will ripen and delight the soldiers¡Ä.

¡¡Toshiyuki will shortly be one year old. I remember how adorable he was. When I think about the cold weather of a year ago today, I am concerned about your health. Please be sure to take care of yourselves, and for Toshiyuki¡Çs upbringing, please be very attentive so to not make mistakes.
March 7, a memorable day.

Shigetoshi Kawamoto Mikoto
Sergeant Major, Japanese Army
Killed in Action on March 8, 1945, Near KANGAW, Kyoukhpyoo District, Burma
Born in Mikage-cho, Muko-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
Age: 28