Welcome to Yasukuni Jinja.
The origins of Yasukuni Jinja lie in a shrine called Shokonsha, which was established on June 29, 1869, by the will of the Emperor Meiji. In 1879, it was renamed Yasukuni Jinja, the name it still bears today. It was established as a shrine to commemorate and honor the achievements of those who dedicated their precious lives to their country.
The name “Yasukuni,” bestowed by Emperor Meiji, means to pacify the nation. The shrine is therefore intended to “bring peace to the homeland” or “build a peaceful nation.”
We hope that you will have a meaningful visit.
While you are here, you are also encouraged to visit the Yushukan Museum, which displays precious artifacts connected to the divinities enshrined at Yasukuni Jinja, as well as various historical materials and documents.