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family crestTo Reporters and Photographers

Permission from Yasukuni Jinja is required if you want to report or take pictures within the shrine grounds (including both the Inner Garden and Outer Garden) for business purposes or to share with the public.
Yasukuni Jinja is a solemn place of worship. In order to maintain the purity and tranquility of the sacred precincts, reporters and photographers are required to follow the instructions below.

  • Please contact the Public Information Office of Yasukuni Jinja for permission to cover or take photographs of the shrine.
    Permission may not be granted if you apply on the same day that you intend to report or take photographs.
    Please present identification to confirm your organizational affiliation.
  • Please wear both a ribbon issued by the shrine and an armband indicating your organizational affiliation while on the shrine grounds.
  • You may not report or take photographs beyond the area where you are permitted. In addition, reporting or taking photographs in front of the Main Hall and standing in the middle of the approach to the Main Sanctuary are not allowed.
    Taking photographs toward the inside of the Main Sanctuary is prohibited.
  • Taking pictures of specific visitors or interviewing visitors within the shrine grounds is not allowed.
  • For security reasons, you may be asked to show identification or submit to an inspection of your belongings.
  • Yasukuni Jinja is not responsible for any trouble or loss caused by the publication of your coverage or photographs.
  • Yasukuni Jinja may reject applications if articles or media are contrary to the nature of Yasukuni Jinja, or may hurt Yasukuni Jinja’s economic interest, damage its reputation or credibility, or otherwise harm the interests of Yasukuni Jinja.
  • Please follow the instructions of shrine staff.
    Otherwise, permission will be cancelled and you will be asked to leave the shrine.
  • Please park your car in the Outer Garden Visitors’ Parking Lot.
  • For further inquiries, please contact the office below.
    Requests or inquiries concerning photography or press coverage should be made in Japanese through an interpreter.

Yasukuni Jinja Public Information Office

3-1-1 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8246

Telephone : 03-3261-8326

FAX : 03-3261-8625