Shinto Faith

Japan still maintains the culture and tradition of respecting and worshipping the deceased. The Japanese have long believed that spirits of the deceased remain eternally on earth and guard their descendants. Even in today's Japan,people consider their ancestors as their "guardian deities," and thus as an object of worshipping because such traditional way of thinking along with the belief of Shinto is still inherited.

In addition to this, Japanese people have respected and worshipped spirits of those who made prominent contribution to regional and national communities-not only to family communities as such. Yasukuni Shrine is an example which represents such genuine Japanese culture.

Yasukuni Shrine is a place to commemorate in a manner of Shinto, a traditional Japanese faith and a place for all the Japanese to show their appreciation and respect to those who died to protect their country. The spirits of these deceased are the object of worship at Yasukuni Shrine. Therefore, the shrine has completely different nature from that of tombs where bodies or bones of fallen soldiers are buried.

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