To reporters and photographers

Permission from Yasukuni Shrine is required if you want to collect news materials or take pictures within the precinct (including inner and outer garden) for business purpose or to report to public.

Yasukuni Shrine is a place for solemn rituals. To maintain purity and silence of the sacred area, reporters and photographers are required to follow the instructions below.

Please apply to the Public Relation Section of Yasukuni Shrine for permission for collecting news materials or taking photographs of the shrine.
Permission may not be issued if applied on the very date of collecting news or taking photographs.
Please present your ID to confirm organization you belong to.
Please wear both a ribbon issued by the shrine and an armband of your organization in the precinct.
You cannot collect news materials and take photographs beyond the area you are permitted. Also, collecting news materials and taking photographs in front of the hall of worship and standing in the middle of approach way to the main sanctuary are not allowed. Taking photographs toward the inside of the main sanctuary is prohibited.
Taking pictures specifying visitors and interviewing visitors within the precinct is not allowed.
For security reason, you may be asked for identification or checking your belongings.
Yasukuni Shrine is not responsible for any trouble or loss caused by your publications based on your gathering and photographs.
Yasukuni Shrine may reject application if articles or media do not meet Yasukuni Shrine's nature, may cause loss of economical benefit or credit or other benefits of Yasukuni Shrine.
Please follow instruction by staff members of the shrine. Otherwise permission will be cancelled and you will be ordered leave the shrine.
Please park your car in parking lot in outer garden.

For further inquiries, please contact the office below.

Public Relation Section Yasukuni Shrine
3-1-1 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-8246
Phone: 03-3261-8326, FAX: 03-3261-8625

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