Foreigners will understand the nature of Yasukuni Shrine comparing with similar facilities in their countries if they are explained that the shrine is a place for Japanese people to show their appreciation and respect to those who died to protect their mother country, Japan.

The difference between Yasukuni Shrine and other foreign memorial institutions for war dead is that the shrine enshrines the spirits of those who died on public duty of protecting their mother land. This difference might be causing misunderstanding. However, the nature of the shrine has its origin in the traditional Japanese way of thinking which is to commemorate the deceased eternally by enshrining them as object of worship. It is not an abnormal institution.

Probably, people who cherish their own culture will understand the difference and will understand the importance of Yasukuni Shrine which was established for commemorate and to show appreciation and respect to those who dedicated their precious lives to their mother country.

Today, many people visit Yasukuni Shrine regardless to their religion, thought and nationalities. This fact tells that the shrine is a place to show respect to those who died to protect their mother country and that the shrine has public nature.

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